• To produce qualified and skilled seafarers.


An in-house training center with well experienced senior instructors to conduct comprehensive trainings in all aspects of implementing qualified seafarers. Thus, providing relevant knowledge, skills and specifications of the required standard. Followings are the list of training subjects.


  • Brief Knowledge of IMO Conventions
  • Requirements of MARPOL 73/78.
  • STCW (as amended)
  • MLC 2006 and Onboard Complaint Procedure.
  • Requirement of ISM Code & ISPS Code
  • Understanding of Basic Maritime English.
  • Code of Safe Working Practice& Risk Assessment Procedures.
  • Drug and Alcohol Policy.
  • Cyber Security Policy
  • Company’ SMS, Duty and Responsibility and Emergency Procedures.
  • Health, Safety, Environment protection, Quality and Social responsibility.


The classes are as followed.
  • 4 weeks training for new employment crew.
  • 3 days pre-joining training prior to joining their assigned vessels.
In additions, we have performed the following trainings for crew’s promotion.
  • Seagull E-Learning and Company Specific Training
  • Crew Evaluation System (CES) Test
  • Marlin English Test


Sugahara Kisen firmly believes that personnel on board and ashore are the key to a successful implementation of the HSEQ management system.




  • To recruit suitably qualified personnel in compliance with flag state requirements, appropriate mandatory regulations and STCW convention recommendations and ship owner’s requirements.
  • To man all its ships in accordance with Manning certificates issued by flag state.
  • To review onboard manning requirements depending on trade / type of ship and to ensure compliance with ILO convention requirements on Work-Rest Hours.
  • To monitor the performance, ability and conduct of the staff on board through appraisal systems, Superintendent reporting and reports from Auditors.
  • To provide information and support to its staff, in order to improve their knowledge and update their qualifications including those for environment awareness.



  • The Company shall endeavour to live up to the expectation and aspirations of the personnel who run the ships, by offering them not just a job but a career and commitment.
  • The Company will ensure due diligence is exercised to verify credentials while recruiting new personnel.
  • The Company is an equal opportunity employer and shall not charge any fee or expenses from the seafarer, related to recruitment onboard ships. The Company shall not use any illegal means to deter seafarer from gaining employment.
  • The Company shall follow privacy laws of the Country with regards to details of the personnel employed in the Company.
  • All personnel to be recruited shall undergo a formal recruitment process including interview by SK Offices or its affiliated Manning Agencies.
  • All personnel recruited shall undergo a medical fitness test in accordance with the requirements of the Administration. In the absence of guidelines from the administration, the IMO-ILO guidelines for medical examinations of seafarers may be used.
  • Examination may include screening for drug and alcohol abuse as per internationally recognised guidelines.
  • All personnel recruited for shore and sea service shall undergo a probationary period.
  • The Company voluntarily carries out non-mandatory, upgrading training ashore based for the training needs that have been identified.
  • All Masters and Chief Engineers joining the Company will be briefed about the Company’s requirements. If this is not possible for any reason, telephone briefing or other arrangements may be made through manning agencies.
  • The Company will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that adequate time and resources are given for new staff to familiarize themselves with their job, before they take over the job responsibility.
  • The Company shall arrange for training including refresher training, onboard and ashore as required based on the feedback received by the management from all sources, including Internal Audits, Superintendent and Master’s reports, accident analysis etc.
  • The Company shall provide opportunity to senior personnel to be rotated through office assignments.


  • A1 – Stop Work Policy
  • A2 – Smoking Policy
  • C1 – HSEQ _ Social Responsibility Policy
  • C2 – Drug _ Alcohol Policy
  • C3 – Maintenance and Spare Parts Policy
  • C4 – Personnel Recruitment and Training Policy
  • C5 – Cultural Awareness Policy
  • C6 – Company Security Policy
  • C7 – Policy Against Sexual Harassment
  • C8 – Whistle Blower Policy
  • C9 – Social Media Policy
  • H1 – Cyber Security Policy